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What We Do

Stone Polishing
& Restoration

Artisan Stone & Mosaic specialists use industrial grade diamonds for grinding, honing, and polishing stones. We use different grades to provide a wide range of different natural luster to any natural stone surfaces. If you’re in Honolulu or surrounding areas, contact us today to get started!

Grout Cleaning
& Sealing

If you notice that your grout is looking a little discolored or dirty, we can fix that. Clean grout can brighten and freshen up a room, and we can provide expert grout cleaning services, as well as sealing services to reduce maintenance and to give your surface a polished look. Call us today!

Countertop Restoration

Countertop restoration is a great and affordable alternative to installing a completely new one. We have different types of countertop restoration styles and we will repair and restore your existing countertop to the point where it will look brand new! Call us today for a free proposal! 

Tile and Grout Cleaning with Repairs 

If you have a piece of tile that is chipped or broken, Artisan Stone & Mosaic can fix that for you. Our grout cleaning and repair process can have your damaged tile looking better than ever before. Contact us now for any tile repairs or grout cleaning services you may need! 

Expert-Level Caulking (Shower Recaulking)

Make sure your tiles or surfaces are expertly caulked so you can  prevent expensive maintenance. Our staff is made up of expert level caulkers for all surfaces, including shower recaulking, and we will leave your area properly sealed and water resistant. For expert caulking services, contact us today! 

Epoxy Solutions
& Tile Repair

Epoxy solution is a great sealant and it provides a durable protective coat to nearly any surface. We are experienced professionals in using epoxy solution on a range of surfaces and we also use it for tile repair. If an epoxy solution is the route you want to take and you’re in need of tile repair services, give us a call! 

Exterior Surface Cleaning
& Sealing

Artisan Stone & Mosaic will not only take good care of your interior surfaces, we will also take care of your exterior stones and grout surfaces. Cleaning and sealing your outdoor surfaces can increase the value of your home and protect it from harsh weather elements. If you’re in Honolulu or surrounding areas, call us today to get started! 

Custom Tile Installations
& Proposals

Are you looking for a professional company to complete your custom tile installation project? Look no further, we’re the ones to call! We will provide you and your home with expert tile installation services that are tailored to your needs. Contact us now for a free proposal! 

Hospitality Maintenance

We understand the importance of maintaining a well-kept hospitality building, especially on our island of Oahu. We can provide your building with professional reliable tile cleaning and repair services at a great cost. Contact us today so we can keep your building in top condition!